Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2 Months and One Week old!

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Hello everyone! Sorry it's been so long since I've posted a blog. Our little princess has been keeping me pretty busy!

Mackenzie had her two month well baby check-up last week and got her first shots. That wasn't much fun. She was crabby and slept most of the day. She weighed in at 10 lbs 10 oz, and measured 23 inches long. She's in the 75Th percentile for her height! When Rob took her in to get her shots ( I was too chicken to go in with her ) they gave her the polio vaccine which is a gel she took orally, Rob said she was smiling the whole time! When they stuck her with the needle I heard her start screaming all the way out in the waiting room. My poor baby has been poked and prodded by so many doctors! We had to take her to the ER a few weeks ago because she had a fever of 100.8. (Any fever over 100.3 in a baby younger than 8 weeks needs to be seen by a doctor) They drew blood which took three tries and took urine with a catheter which took two tries, and they never figured out why she had a fever.

Mackenzie is laying here now, copying me as I stick my tongue out at her. I love seeing her smile and watching her discover new things every day, but when she gets mad she's just like her daddy, as stubborn as a mule! She has recently discovered that she can suck on her fingers but she hasn't figured out that she needs to pull her thumb out of her fist to suck on it, which is fine with me since I would much rather break her from the pacifier instead of thumb sucking! She's also learning to grab onto things with her hand and gets really mad when she pulls out her pacifier and can't figure out how to get it back in her mouth. She pulls on her clothes and blankets for amusement and even thinks it's fun to pull on my hair, which Rob thinks is hilarious. She's been trying to learn how to roll over but hasn't quite figured out how to get her arm under her. She loves sitting up watching what's going on but still can't balance on her own even though she tries and usually ends up getting a close up view of her toes. She also likes laying in the pack 'n play and "talking" to Tigger or the other baby in the mirror. She also likes watching the fish in our aquarium so we have the pack n' play right in front of the aquarium for her. I'm certainly happy she has discovered how to entertain herself for short amounts of time so I can have a little time to keep the house clean while Rob is at work. She doesn't really nap much during the day so I don't really get much done, but that's fine with me as long as she continues sleeping for about 6 hours at night!

Zeus has done surprisingly well with not getting all of the attention anymore. He was really confused for the first couple of weeks and would sleep with his head under the bed anytime she would cry. When she wakes up at night he usually comes over to make sure I'm awake, then goes into her room to check on her and then goes back to bed in our room. I have no doubt that they are going to be the best of friends when she gets older. She's probably going to drive him nuts when she starts crawling though, and I can't wait to see how he reacts the first time she crawls over to him.

Well, I guess that's about all for now. I'll try to keep posting updates whenever I get a little time. Here are some pictures!! Enjoy!