Monday, January 14, 2008

Week 15

We're in week 15 now! Woohoo! This week we have another appointment, on wednesday. The dr. said we'll most likely get another ultrasound and we should be able to hear the heartbeat. I'm so excited to see our little bean again! At our last appointment (9weeks) our little bean measured only about 4.5 cm long (crown to rump) this week s/he should be right around 4.5 inches!! That is quite a growth spurt!

This week our little bean is practicing breathing, sucking and swallowing so that when he's ready to make his big debut he has all the skills needed to survive! He's also continuing the aerobics this week, kicking, curling those little toes, and moving his arms and legs. Though most of what I've read says that I won't be able to feel those first kicks for a few more weeks yet, I'm already beginning to feel tiny movements that are becoming a bit more noticeable and frequent than they were last week. It feels like little butterflies fluttering around in my tummy. The baby's ears are also finally positioned properly on the sides of the head (they used to be in the neck) and the eyes are moving from the side of the head to the front of the face, where they'll soon meet our loving gaze.

So far we haven't really bought anything for the baby. I just bought the bedding set last week because they finally got more winnie the pooh stuff in at the bx. We have to go pay for a table we ordered before christmas on friday and Rob is going to have his friend help load it into the truck and bring it home. Finally, we'll have a real table with chairs to eat at! Next month we're planning to buy the crib and changing table, which we've had picked out for over a month already. =P We are both so very excited to finally be adding a child to our family we had pretty much everything figured out even before I started the second trimester! Rob is going to the WIC (Women, Infants & Children) office on base tomorrow so we get that all set up and we'll save some money when we go grocery shopping from now on.

I had my first meeting for Cub Scouts tonight. I'm taking over for the treasurer while she's on TDY for the next few months. So between that and getting this house cleaned up and organized I'm going to be staying pretty busy! =) Before we know it, we'll have our beautiful baby here in our arms, asking ourselves where the time went.

Here is the 9 week ultrasound pic, and my most recent belly pic at 12 weeks.

I will be keeping this blog up to date as much as possible for everyone. I will try to let everyone know when I update it, but just in case I forget someone make sure you check in from time to time! Feel free to leave a comment! Love and miss you all!

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