Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Week 35!!

Well, I finally have a little time to post a quick blog. Everything is going great here! We just had the baby shower last weekend, we got lots of great gifts and had a lot of fun! We did a co-ed bbq shower. It was fun, easy and cheap! The guys played a bean bag toss game while the women socialized and played our own games.

I have my 36 week check up next monday. At my 32 week check up the dr. measured my belly and said that I'm measuring with my due date again so we didn't get to have an ultrasound. The baby and I are both doing great. I'm starting to get to that uncomfortable stage where I'm just ready to be done being pregnant. I wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't so humid here. I have a hard time staying on my feet or sitting at the computer too long because my ankles start to swell up like balloons. My dr told me to drink plenty of water and rest with my feet up for two hours a day. It does help, but I've had a hard time resting for two whole hours; I always feel like there's something that's not getting done.

At about 20 inches and five and a half pounds (but with about five more weeks to grow), most of our baby's growth over the next month or so before we meet will be in weight (with a gain of anywhere from one pound to several), not height (baby's pretty much reached the in utero limit in that department). Accordingly, fat continues to accumulate at a rapid pace these days (on baby, not just on my hips). Back in the middle of my pregnancy, our baby's weight was made up of only two percent fat; now that percentage has soared to closer to 15 percent (and will increase to 30 percent at term). Which means our baby's once skinny arms and legs are now quite plump…and irresistibly, squeezably soft. Also continuing to grow at an amazing pace is our baby's brain power. Luckily, the part that surrounds that amazing brain — the skull — remains soft. And for good reason: A soft skull will allow our baby to squeeze more easily through the birth canal. (Mother Nature was really thinking this one through — imagine trying to push out a rock-hard head…ouch!)

Here are some pictures from the baby shower!

Beverly (in the next picture) made the cake, and was the hostess for the shower!

The object of the game was to grab as many clothespins as they could, using only their hands while holding the baby.

Even the guys had fun participating in this game! They had to cut a piece of string to guess how big my belly is! Most of the guys guessed way too big!

That's about all for now. I'll try to post again next week after my appointment. We love and miss you all!


Anonymous said...

Hi Baby sister!! Look at your belly!!.. Aww i miss you guys. Coming up realy close to that time of the month eh? ..he he. I hope all is well with the 3 of yas, you look fabulous by the way, give my brother a hug and kiss for me. And tell the little one i love him/her. ;) XOXOXO

Sister Caitie

Bev Bandy said...

Oh UGH!!!!


I had a wonderful time at the shower but really - what an icky pic of me. lol

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself too.